Our oven is capable of making acrylic blocks from 20x20x20mm to 450x950x250mm. The blocks are annealed after polymerisation. We can provide blocks which contain water free objects such as aluminum, brass, metal powder ,paper or artificial flowers.

oven oven

We cast an animal skull into an acrylic block. Any objects to be incased in acrylic must not contain any water.

CNC Machining, routering

machining1 machining2 machining3 machining5

Our machine is capable of 2D and 3D design. Complex components are easily manufactured through the direct import of files from most CAD systems for precision machining. We have 6 high end 3 axis machining centres, 2 CNC routers and 5 axis machining centres.

We produce machined components with a high degree of consistency to close tolerances with no burrs. Surface finishes can be optical-quality grade as needed via plastic polishing.

Machining centre table size X700 Y400 Z200mm


CNC router table size X4000 Y2000 Z200mm

router router

5 axis machining centre

router router

Acrylic cementing


Polymerizing acrylic cements can be used to produce strong, optically clear joints without any air bubbles that are cosmetically attractive. The jointing can be done by butt or mitered style. It is also to possible to laminate two sheets surfaces.

solvent beoded joint solvent beoded joint

Solvent bonded joint

Solvent bonded joint is glueing two thin acrylic sheets which are less than 15mm thick to each other. Solvent adhesives soften the acrylic surface and then diffuse and evaporate, allowing the parts to harden together. The jointing can be done by butt or mitred style.

Digital UV printer

laser machine laser machine

CO2 laser

laser machine laser samle laser machine

It is possible to cut acrylic of 10mm or less. Laser cutting creates a beautifully finished, clean edge on plastics. It does not leave an inside radius like the CNC router.

Heat forming

bending1 bending2

We have strip heaters, Infrared heaters, and air oven heaters. We are capable of sharp radius bending for up to 5mm plastic sheets. We provide big radius bending by using infrared heaters for acrylic sheets up to 50mm thickness. We can also do molding and draping by using air oven heaters.

Diamond polisher


Factory over view